Quality is not inherited, but an outcome of years long efforts, commitment and dedication. Its been a family profession of more than 6 decades that manufacturing  export business is in our breed. Having passed through the same phases, we now proudly claim to be amongst the leading manufacturers and exporters of all sorts of Martial Arts Uniforms, Boxing and MMA Collection, Fitness Products and Sports Wear.

The items illustrated in this catalogue are produced in our nicely laid out production house under the supervision of qualified and trained technicians on the latest technology imported from the developed countries. The work force is skilled, devoted and performs diligently to manufacture the products of highest quality, which reflects their mastery over craftsmanship.

We are in the business for more than six decades and believe that we are your ultimate choice, since we have earned a name for our quality products. We offer you product warranty with guaranteed satisfaction.

Considering the above, try us out, intimate the products of your interest shown in this catalogue so we may prove our worth quality-wise, price-wise and service wise.

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    David John One Of The Happy Customer
  • My name is Lance Clayton. I have a martial arts school in Taunton, Mass. with approximately 140 students. This comppany is Amazing.
    Lance Clayton One Of The Happy Customer
  • We have used this site for our martial arts school for about 2 years now and I must say I am really impressed. This Company good concept of how to attract potential customers
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